In The End, It Was Worth it

by McKella Sylvester

Meet Michael Pereira. He is a rising senior at Saint Benedict’s Prep in Newark, New Jersey. As an editor in chief at his high school newspaper, Benedict News, Pereira is quite accomplished.

Pereira is also one of ten high school students who was selected for the 2016 Hugh N. Boyd Journalism Workshop at Rutgers University for candidates who have a strong interest in journalism.

Pereira has also attended Escola Luis de Camoes in Newark where he is retaught most of the content he learned in regular school in Portuguese.

Pereira is working on a story for his project at the 2016 Boyd Journalism workshop. He will apply the skills he has learned to his editor in chief position at the Benedict News.

With a strong Portuguese cultural background and open view of the world, Pereira is seemingly well-assured for his age. Despite this, Pereira, like many young adults, is not yet sure about what he plans to do in the future.

When asked about the journalism field in his future, Pereira said, “I’m still 17. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I am interested in it. It’s a field that is very competitive. So, would I be interested in it? Sure.”

Additionally, Pereira has strong feelings regarding the discipline aspect of learning at the Portuguese school. In recalling that the school demanded that he had to stay hours past closing in order to learn in a different language was gruelling but was worth it.

After graduating from the school, Pereira is still impacted by the experience as shown in his body language as he described what he remembered. “It was two and a half hours after seven hours of normal school,” Pereira said. If he decides to pursue journalism, Pereira will no doubt succeed in this field due to his intense sense of discipline.

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