Hugh Workshop Blog: Day 5

IMG_5190 A photograph of the digital project I was slaving over.

It’s almost time for the 2016 Hugh Boyd Journalism Workshop to end and we are on crunch time.


Oh, did I forget to mention, that it’s my birthday?

Although I should be taking my driver’s license test today, I am in a basement computer lab at Rutgers writing a 1,000 word article instead. Don’t think that since it’s my birthday, I get a free pass.


I worked. Hard.

After my roommate and I woke up later than usual, me gasping at the time on my phone, and her groggily shifting in her bed, and breakfast, I came to find a pleasant surprise for me.

The digital project that I was slaving over disappeared. Apparently after you log off a university computer, any data that was there would be wiped clean. A fact that the IT Department, next to the room, didn’t care to share.

You could imagine the panic and stress I felt then. Fortunately, I knew exactly what footage to utilize and I mastered Windows Movie Maker and I had a clear idea of what I wanted my video to look like. What took me about 8 hours to complete on Day 3, only took me 2 hours today.

And I completed the project. All that is left is some minor tweaks and edits and voila! I’m done. I cannot wait to share this video here on the blog.

Now, speaking on the article. I rewritten and revised so many times, I have cramps in my fingers. However, I got a very deep analysis of my article and what I needed from a journalist from Asbury.

She really brought the ‘pizazz’ to the piece and I feel like I am in such a better place now.